Chef Marco von Arx is a chef with heart and soul and loves to develop products himself. Sauces from the package? Standard salt? No way – of course homemade!

Homemade sauces & butter

All our sauces are homemade, for example:

Herb butter & seasonal butter for your fine meat
Chimichurri – the popular Argentine barbecue sauce (olive oil, chili, parsley, coriander & dried tomato)
Salad dressings u. v. m.

Selfmade Salts

Our salts are developed by the chef himself. Flaky Salts are made of refined sea salt from the Indian Ocean and are perfect for enhancing our dishes.

You have a choice of three Flaky Salts:

Flaky Salt Classic – refined sea salt
Flaky Salt smoked – with fine smoke aroma
Flaky Salt Gold – enriched with turmeric

You can also order all Flaky Salts in Marco von Arx’s online store:

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