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Experience the Swiss moated castle barrier-free

We are an official issue and return station of all-terrain wheelchairs. Take the chance for a day trip around the moated castle or stay overnight with us while we load your the wheelchair and prepare it for the hike.

Suitable routes Mountain Drive – Jurapark Aargau (

We have 2 wheelchairs of Jura Park, further info are on the direct page.

Barrier-free – Info about the wheelchairs

We recommend that you reserve your wheelchair in good time via the Jurapark website: Mountain Drive- Rental

Special offer for tenants of the wheelchairs

Benefit from 10% price reduction on your overnight stay(s) in a double room with rich breakfast. Call us so that we can organize everything for you.

*We can only charge e-bike batteries from Rent a Bike.
**Discount applies to the current daily rate.

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