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From the Dry Ager: Swiss prim beef ribeye

Our ribeye not only looks good in the Dry Ager in our restaurant area, but is a real delicacy. The rib eye or ribeye is a boneless rib steak from the rib area of the beef. The meat with Swiss origin is made ready for consumption during dry aging in a cool climate in a butter coat. This process in the Dry Ager creates a dry layer that protects the muscle meat while bringing out the meat flavors.

Black Angus beef tenderloin and entrecôte from Argentina

Our Rioplatense beef tenderloin from the Pampas of Argentina is a super tender and flavorful meat. The Prime Cut Black Angus Rioplatense Giant Entrecôte is not only extremely tender, but also satisfies the biggest hunger. Both dishes are prepared on the grill.

Our Black Angus beef comes from Argentina, delivered from Traitafina in Lenzburg. Argentine beef is tastier than Swiss beef because the cattle can be outside all year round and is provided with fresh greens all year long.

Ignis Burger 1.0

We call it 1.0 because it’s the classic of all burgers and has been on our menu from the very beginning. Enjoy our 1.0 Ingis burger with brioche bun, 180 g juicy Swiss beef patty, baby lettuce, braised onions, juicy tomatoes, crispy bacon, pickles and barbecue sauce. Nomnom!

Depending on the season, we also spoil all burger lovers with a different, seasonal burger – our Ignis Burger 2.0, so to speak!

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