Enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and let us spoil you with culinary delights. We offer several dishes that you can easily share with others. A great evening is guaranteed!

You can order the following dishes for 2 persons:

Chef’s Sharing Plate

Summer crostini with marinated vegetables & basil cream cheese
Crispy chicken tenders, served with garlic dip
Swiss beef tartar refined with hazelnut oil
Tomato & avocado with blacktiger shrimps
Mango cold bowl with basil oil

Beef Club – Black Angus beef tenderloin

A tender beef tenderloin in one piece, prepared on the grill and presented and served on our bacon stone.

IGNIS Deluxe – the highlight

The best of everything to try:

300 g Dry Aged Swiss Prim Ribeye,
180 g tender Black Angus beeffillet
200 g Beef Short Ribs cooked 24h, BBQ style

Reserve table

And then this…

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